Freight Accrual, Audit & Payment

Allowing LMR to manage your freight invoice process can produce immediate savings. Our experienced and knowledgeable Account Representatives audit each invoice using pre-defined payment parameters to ensure your bottom line is never compromised.

We Protect Your Bottom Line

LMR is proud to offer their clients a timely and robust freight accrual process that allows completely visibilty of freight spend. Understanding where your money is going and when within specific accounting periods delivers a competitive advantage and allows for solutions to made ahead of issues instead of after.

  • Carrier invoice audit tolerance set to minimal
  • Terms to carriers can vary, based on client/LMR specific agreements
  • Weekly, consolidated electronic invoices

All invoice errors are documented in LMR’s adjustment database triggering an immediate notification to the carrier containing a detailed explanation describing the error found, what the correct invoice amount should have been, and a request for an adjusted invoice.

Our dedicated team and advanced technology helps to improve your accounting system by eliminating overcharges, delays and untapped resources, making your supply chain smarter, faster and more profitable.

Partnerships Not Spreadsheets

Our customer portal is your success. Our technology and freight audit practices allow you to focus on partnerships not spreadsheets and bring you from cost to competitive advantage. At LMR all documents related to your shipments are stored electronically in our in-house imaging system, should you require access or review to these documents at a later date.

  • Bill of Lading
  • Manifests
  • Detention documents
  • Daily electronic backups

Let Us Take You Further

We believe our work speaks for itself. Because chemical logistics is a high-risk business it requires flexibility and adaptability. Our team of experts are standing by ready to help you optimize and align your supply chain to take you from a cost of doing business to a competitive value-add.