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Since 1981 Logistics Management Resources, Inc. (LMR) has been providing 3rd-Party Logistics services across multiple transportation modes safely, delivering the perfect load every time. While other providers force your business into their logistics networks, LMR builds a carefully curated plan based on your needs to increase speed, lower costs, and improve customer experiences – making logistics your competitive advantage.

Ship Confidently. We Have Your Back.

As a ISO Certified, non asset provider, LMR specializes in the movements of hazardous materials, qualifying and managing carriers to the highest safety standards.

Order Tender & Capacity Management

At LMR, we lower costs and improve asset efficiencies using order-tender forecasting models, combined with our proprietary load optimization and routing software to match market-place capacity with our client’s order demand.

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Carrier Performance & Safety Management

LMR’s Compliance Management System safeguards all carrier contracts and compliance documents. Our scrutiny of carrier safety reduces your liability exposure by insuring service by only those carriers with the highest levels of safety compliance.

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TMS & Technical Support

Our Transportation Management System is fully developed and maintained in-house offering tailored solutions in real-time without the wait. Our faster response time allows ours client to save money through immediate execution.

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Freight Accrual, Audit & Payment

LMR’s freight invoice process produces immediate savings utilizing pre-defined payment parameters. Our focus on correct billing and timely payment has provided our customers with ongoing savings, including post-RFP implementation.

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On-Demand Experts
Working For You

Finding the right modal solution is seamless with our extensive and trusted network of carriers, shippers and cutting-edge technology. We move with you, from the first to the last mile, offering efficient solutions. We pride ourselves in taking the guess work out of your supply chain.

Other providers reliability


LMR's reliability


All Modes

From port to door we manage it all with in-depth visibility and integrated solutions. Delivering peace of mind every time.

Bulk Tank (Liquid/Dry)
Truckload (FTL/LTL) and Flatbed
Containers (Drayage/Equipment)
Waste (Tank, Van, Vac, Roll-Off, Dump)
Rail/Truck Transload
Heavy High-Wide


Services and flexible solutions that meet any need with 100% booking confidence and exceptional service and support.

Inventory management
Carrier Qualification
Order Tender, Scheduling and Dispatch
RFP/Bid Management and Rate Negotiation


Loads when you want them. Find the right route that works for you and utilize our in-house technology to stay efficient and maximize your payments.

Customized routes
Efficient bookings
Loads that fit your schedule
Fast payment options

You are in control

Everything At Your

Our Transportation Management System is managed by our own in-house LMR experts who provide in-depth customized solutions and the ability to implement those solutions in real-time. Our TMS is tailored to each client and will always remain flexible thereby minimizing wait times and keeping your costs down.

Leveraging off our built-in system LMR customers can self serve and access their data through their customer portal and only pay for what is used. This means lower up-front costs and complete control.


In a roughly $15.85 billion global supply chain market, does your supply chain stand out?

Let us help you realize your chemical supply chain’s potential by connecting with one of our LMR experts. We have dedicated operations for every aspect of your supply chain just waiting to take you from cost to competitive advantage.