Order Tender & Capacity Management

LMR can manage your daily order transactions, including both ‘standard’ and ‘emergency/rush’ orders, thereby providing you, our client, the true value of focusing on the strategic aspects of Supply Chain management. At LMR, we lower costs and improve asset efficiencies using order-tender forecasting models, combined with our proprietary load optimization and routing software to match market-place capacity with our client’s order demand.

Pricing and Bid/RFP Management

A critical service, delivering strategic value to all clients, is the management and execution of Bids/RFP’s. Our standard methodology is to include all of your current carriers, plus all LMR carriers in this process.

  • Price and capacity commitments summarized and provided to client
  • LMR will negotiate standardized transportation contracts with all selected carriers, including fuel surcharge and accessorials
  • Contracts and carriers managed by client and/or LMR
  • LMR can manage individual lane pricing requests, direct with carriers 1-3 Year carrier contracts, standardized FSC and accessorial charges

Order Tender

Order tenders allow a shipper or broker to offer cargo to multiple carriers in order to secure the best rates available rate for their customer. Simplify your bid process by allowing LMR to do the leg work for you. Our automated load tender and freight booking system reduces confusion across the board and boosts capacity in your supply chain.

  • Automated and manual receipt from client
  • Automated and manual tender to carrier
  • Shipping instructions template by lane
  • Continuous review for accuracy
  • Load fulfillment to delivery


  • Open-order reports
  • Carrier capacity commitment
  • Order demand matched with carrier capacity
  • Red-flag notifications to clients Historical order demand patterns Project customers’ next order
  • Red-flag notifications to clients


  • Match carrier assets with client orders
  • Back Hauls, Re-Loads & Day Rates
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased asset efficiencies

Let Us Take You Further

We believe our work speaks for itself. Because chemical logistics is a high-risk business it requires flexibility and adaptability. Our team of experts are standing by ready to help you optimize and align your supply chain to take you from a cost of doing business to a competitive value-add.