Transportation Management System & Support

At LMR our Transportation Management System is developed and maintained in-house which allows us to customize our system based on each client’s individual needs and requirements. With enhanced security and top of the line performance we guarantee reliable and cost-effective solutions for your business using a single point of contact. By taking the guess work and pain out of the logistical equation so you can spend more time on the front-end growing your business.

Our dedicated team of LMR experts are able to provide real-time standard and tailored reporting solutions whereby, implementing changes on demand, as-needed. The dynamic. flexible nature of our system eliminates the need to wait for ‘next-generation’ updates. The faster we respond with solutions, the quicker you can plan and execute your next strategic Supply Chain initiative.

  • Multiple platforms (SAP, Oracle, Sharepoint)
  • Multiple EDI formats (ANSI Standard, XML, flat files)
  • Direct, secure hosting of FTP

Customized Transmissions, Formats

Not every business is created equal and your plan and execution of your supply chain should reflect that. We help you optimize every aspect of your business so you can go further with what you have ensuring your freight is delivered with the most cost-efficient and timely process available. Visibility is key to have solutions before a problem arises. Our enhanced transportation management provides real-time data to identify and correct supply chain inconsistencies.

Bottom line is we make it easier to do business.

  • Non-Conformance Management Process
  • On-Time pickup and delivery 98.0% – 98.9%
  • Carrier performance reviews
  • Shipment track/trace
  • Claims management process

Automated Communications

  • Shipment Notifications
  • Invoice audits and rating functionality
  • Carrier routing notifications

Data Management

  • Carrier routes / rates / compliance
  • Carrier Service Performance
  • Shipment tracking / tracing visibility
  • Mileage calculations

Customer Web Portal

  • Self service
  • Customized reporting tools
  • Stored order data access, creation & edit capability
  • Mileage calculations

Time = Money. Smarter processes lead to quicker turnarounds and less cost trying to solve problems that could have been addressed pre-dispatch. Let us handle it all from tracking to reporting and communication so you can focus on moving your business forward.

Advantages of using a third-party transportation management company

Minimal IT Dependency

Continuous Innovation & Execution

Lower Upfront Costs

Only Pay For What It Used

Total Visbilty

Streamlined Process

Let Us Take You Further

We believe our work speaks for itself. Because chemical logistics is a high-risk business it requires flexibility and adaptability. Our team of experts are standing by ready to help you optimize and align your supply chain to take you from a cost of doing business to a competitive value-add.